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Alpaca Info


Alpacas are ideally suited to both the "lifestyle block" or as an alternative enterprise on a larger property. They are also proving to be a viable option where the traditional farmer needs to utilize and achieve a return on otherwise unproductive land
Those on the smaller acreage are typically people needing to work in the city, but who wish to enjoy owning animals without the hassles encountered with many other classes of livestock. They are looking for an animal that has the potential to provide good returns, is placid and easy to handle, and especially one that is not destined for the freezer! 

 The long term future of alpacas is based on the production of exquisite fibre. Many farmers are now looking seriously at the potential of running larger numbers of animals, particularly wethered males as commercial fibre producing herds.

"Offspring of Somerset Peruvian  Challenge"

Alpaca Breeds
There are two types of alpaca, the Huacaya and the Suri. ... for more info click here

Food and Feeding 
Alpacas can be run on a variety of pasture types. They thrive on poor quality pasture and are able to tolerate both wet and near-desert conditions. ... For more info click here   
Handling Alpacas
Alpacas are superb animals to farm as they are intelligent, easy to handle and very hardy. ... For more info click here        
Health and Happiness 
Compared with most other livestock species Alpacas need little routine maintenance and do not suffer from problems such as footrot and flystrike commonly associated with sheep farming. ... For more info click here   
Routine Tasks 
For those prepared to don their gum boots and get a little dirt under their nails, alpaca stock tasks are not hard to learn. ... For more info click here  
Although ruminants are physiologically similar in many ways to other classes of livestock, one area that does differ considerably is the reproduction of alpacas. ... For more info click here

In brief ...
Like with any class of livestock there is a responsibility with the owner to ensure good care for their animals. Regular observation, provision of suitable feed and fresh water are all good farming practices. A gentle calm approach and quiet handling will make your ownership a rewarding experience.
Despite their wonderful appeal and ease of management, alpacas are not for everyone. Before purchasing your animals, take the time to find as much as you can about what is involved in owning alpacas. Visit your local breeders, attend fieldays and workshops and do your homework thoroughly.
If you would like to find out more about the care of alpacas The Alpaca Association of New Zealand can help you with further information and introduce you to breeders in your area. Whether on the small acreage of the lifestyle block or as a diversification enterprise on a larger property, alpacas are superb animals to farm. They are intelligent, easy to handle and very hardy. A docile nature means that alpacas are an enterprise that can involve the whole family.